Why Choose Kefir Coffee?

Cup of Kefircoffee
  • Kefircoffee™  is a first-mover in the functional coffee beverage market.

  • Delicious Flavour: Enjoy a rich, smooth taste that combines the robust flavour of coffee with the texture of kefir.
  • Smooth Finish: Experience a delightful drink with no lingering aftertaste, making each sip enjoyable.
  • Digestive Aid: Kefir coffee enhances digestion thanks to increased probiotic content, supporting a healthy gut.
  • Immune Boost: Help strengthen your immune system, providing better defence against illnesses.
  • Gut Health: Regular consumption can improve gut health by promoting a balanced microbiome.

Kefircoffee™ Combines the health benefits of kefir and coffee, creating a first-mover advantage in the functional coffee beverage market.

The Kefircoffee™ process leverages the untapped potential of unused sugars in green coffee beans, utilising them in a secondary fermentation with kefir cultures. This innovative approach not only ensures a more efficient use of the bean’s inherent resources but also significantly enhances the flavour profile of the coffee, making it more complex, nuanced, and enjoyable.

For roasters and coffee aficionados, this means access to a coffee product that stands out for its depth of flavour and aromatic richness, catering to consumers seeking a premium and distinctive coffee experience, and improving their gut health at the same time.

Antioxidants play a crucial role in neutralising free radicals, thus protecting the body from oxidative stress and associated chronic diseases.

Kefircoffee™ represents an innovative approach, combining 100% natural traditional fermentation with modern science. This results in a better-tasting and healthier coffee experience.

The Kefircoffee™ process elevates the coffee’s existing flavour profile, enhancing its depth and complexity.

Enhanced Flavour: Kefircoffee™ process preserves the coffee’s unique flavour profile, but enhances its depth and complexity, creating a richer and more complex coffee experience.

Enhanced Health Benefits: Kefircoffee™ process increases the bioavailability of beneficial antioxidants in coffee, further amplifying its health benefits.

Standing Out from the Crowd: For coffee roasters and brands, Kefircoffee™ process offers a way to differentiate their product in a competitive market. It caters to health-conscious consumers and speciality coffee lovers alike.

Functional Beverage Focus: This process allows brands to cater to the growing demand for functional beverages that offer health benefits alongside great taste.

Probiotic Powerhouse: This process adds probiotics to the coffee, improving gut health and overall well-being. Independent verification by Teagasc is underway to confirm the estimated 250% increase in beneficial antioxidants after the Kefircoffee™ process.

Phenolic Acids: These are natural antioxidants found in many plants, including coffee beans. 

Rory Murphy
Rory Murphy
Really enjoyed a fantastic cup of Kefir coffee. Hadn’t expected to enjoy it so much. Compared to other coffees it was far smoother and the aftertaste was mellow. Well done..👍👍
David Dunne Art
David Dunne Art
Amazing coffee ... really enjoyed lighter taste ... easy drink a second and third cup :) will buy again
Mi Lo
Mi Lo
Great tasting coffee. I usually drink coffee with sugar, but this dosen't need it. Not bitter and no aftertaste. I'm drinking the Decaffiniated versio n of kefircoffee. I didn't get to try the full coffee version and looking forward to it.
Walmer Workshops
Walmer Workshops
Absolutely amazing flavours. The smell was wafting around the house all day it was amazing. Coffee with health benefits from Kefir is a win all round. Beautiful aromatic flavours. Will defo be buying more ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️
Sarah Jane Moore
Sarah Jane Moore
Great tasting coffee would definitely recommend!☕️