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Kefir and Coffee are combined to create Kefircoffee. No one else process Coffee in this way. The kefircoffee process is unique and increases the number of Antioxidants to over 250% more than normal coffee. Kefir is an excellent-tasting probiotic drink that offers an energy boost, improves mood, and enhances gut health. We only use 100% organic certified Kefir, developed specifically to be infused in our coffee beans. Quality Coffee starts with quality coffee beans. We take Single-origin Guatemala Coffee Beans; these are 100% Arabica beans infused with our specially cultivated Kefir grains, creating Kefircoffee. We have produced a great-tasting quality health drink, which coffee drinkers will appreciate.
We donate €2 from every pouch sold to the homeless.


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Introducing Kefircoffee – the world’s first kefir-infused coffee. Our special process involves initiating a second fermentation before roasting, which helps to extend the shelf life of our coffee and improve its taste. The fermentation process also enhances the antioxidants and bioactive compounds in the coffee beans, resulting in a healthier and more flavorful cup of coffee.

At KefirCoffee, we are committed to using only the finest quality ingredients to create a truly unique and natural functional beverage. We source our single-origin coffee beans directly from trusted growers who are committed to sustainable and ethical practices. Our kefir grains are also 100% organic and have been carefully cultivated over almost three years to create a unique strain that enhances the natural flavours of coffee.

Our innovative process of fermentation not only makes our coffee easier to digest and safer from harmful bacteria but also results in a functional beverage that contains over 250% more antioxidants than normal coffee. This makes KefirCoffee the perfect choice for health-conscious coffee lovers who want to experience something new and exciting. The kefir fermentation process also increases other bioactive compounds, such as beneficial bacteria, yeast, and organic acids, which can improve gut health and overall well-being.

So why not try KefirCoffee today and discover the unique flavour and health benefits of this amazing beverage? And as a bonus, we donate €2 from every pouch sold to the homeless. Join us in creating a healthier and happier world, one cup of KefirCoffee at a time.